Skylight Shades

Block the sun, glare, & heat!
If you’re reading this page you understand. Skylights are phenomenal at “lightening up” your kitchen, living room, or hallway. Unfortunately, with all that light comes HEAT – and usually lots of it – and that’s to say nothing of the glare!
The primary benefit of solar shades is the ability to protect your furniture and flooring from damage, reducing heat – often as much as 70%, cutting glare to make your home comfortable. We can even blackout your skylight!
If you’d like to discuss options, styles, or advantages, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. When it comes to skylight shading, we’re experts. We only sell solar and sun shades, and we are experts in helping you select both the best in practical as well as aesthetic solutions.

Skylights & Curved Windows, too!

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